Embracing my inner hippie

Posted on Dec 13, 2016

Considering my “alternative lifestyle” and pink hair it may surprise you to know that I don’t see myself as a hippie. In fact, until recently, a hippie was someone I viewed with suspicion. I’m not sure why but the waif-like demeanour and floaty attire didn’t feel solid or grounded or steady and felt too much like mania for my liking.


However, after an altercation (don’t worry it was a hippie altercation so no blood was shed!) with a friend of mine who DOES see herself that way, I began to consider that I do, in fact, have some hippie-ness deep within me. And I have decided to embrace it!


In the past few weeks, I have been busy working away to remove so much of “me” from the StretchBodyMind website and make it a more professional website for all my Training courses, including new CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses and I can’t wait to launch it in 2017.


I’ve also been deep in creation mode on this beauty that you’re reading right now! Yes – I finally have a website in my own name and, as such, I want it to reflect ALL of me, including my inner hippie. It houses my entire blog back catalogue and will continue to be the place to read my innermost thoughts every other week. And now that I’m not trying to be professional all the time I can be really honest again, like I used to be in the days of StretchNI.


It will also be the place to find my new personal development programmes. I’m planning courses on the Enneagram, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Oracle cards to name but a few. And I’m starting with a free 7 Day Solstice Challenge (which begins TOMORROW!) that I’d love you to sign up to HERE.


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I’m finishing today’s post with the above poem. I’ve recently discovered Canadian poet Rupi Kaur and fallen in love with her writing (and drawing). I think this poem reflects exactly what I want for victoriacunninghamdowney.co.uk – a sisterhood, a sacred gathering of women, a community of kindred spirits to howl at the moon and hold each other up. I think my inner hippie is back!